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Our ‘unique’ story

Biltong in America is a story we’ve heard before. A first time trier on a trip to South Africa, an expert biltong maker bringing his or her skills to these shores, or a family secret recipe that we have been honored to now enjoy.

Our story is much the same, with perhaps a twist. Growing up in South Africa, biltong was a part of the diet, eaten and enjoyed without question. While regularly consuming bags at a time without much fanfare (much like one would finish a bowl of popcorn or bag of potato chips), the question of where it comes from or how it was made, mattered very little.

Only after making America home and missing the South African staple, did the need for the how become so important. What started with regular trying and testing homemade batches to satisfy the need, followed into friends and family always wanting a bite and the inability to ever have enough on hand. While keeping in the traditions of biltong making, Zbiltong uses the original recipes that make biltong the snack of choice for so many, as well as the spices and flavor that come from South Africa. No secret recipe of spice blends, our varieties of cuts and flavors give you the options of enjoying biltong the way YOU like it best. It’ll either bring back the memories of how we ate this in South Africa, or will create memories and preferences that will last a lifetime.   

Zbiltong prides itself in keeping with the methods of homemade production by being prepared, flavored and mixed in small batches, ensuring the taste is always there. We are confident that you will eat what you see and like what you eat. If for any reason it does not meet your expectations, we would be grateful for the opportunity to replace or refund your purchase to your satisfaction.

Our Mission

Many small business's (and big ones too!) try to stay true to their roots. Outside of making great quality kosher biltong that is widely available, Zbiltong's Team is passionate about children and adults with disabilities, in creating awareness and advocating within the business community.

We achieve our mission through partnerships with local non-for-profits that are dedicated to this cause, and by donating 10% of all profits to these organizations, in Houston and beyond.

Let us know your thoughts, or suggest an organization that can partner with Zbiltong, by emailing us at biltong@zbiltong.com


‘Meating your biltong expectations’

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