What are the different types of biltong?

July 11 2022
When we think/say biltong, we typically think long air-dried beef strips, with a coriander and bl...

Making your own biltong at home!

June 27 2022
If you've ever though of making your own biltong at home, here are some thoughts on what the advantages and disadvantages are. When you put it all together, its really not that hard or complicated, and anyone can do it. But on the other hand there's the time and labor needed that can make it or break it for you.

How to store your precious biltong

June 2 2022

How does one properly store biltong? Properly storing biltong is very important, and we'll share with you why so, and what are the best methods for doing it. Its not the same answer for every type of biltong product, and an open bag or closed bag makes a difference too. Also, there are additional effects and benefits between the different methods.
Happy Kosher biltong eating!

Kosher Biltong Explained

July 26 2021
Why is it harder to find Kosher biltong and other kosher varieties such as Kosher chili bites and Kosher droewors? And why is it generally more expensive? What are the challenges that come up when making Kosher biltong? These questions and more can help with understanding Kosher biltong production overall, and even what are the behind the scene factors to keep in mind while making your own homemade biltong!

Biltong Explained

July 19 2021
Starting from the beginning, let's understand what exactly is biltong? Where and when did it start? And why do so many people (not just South Africans) rave about it, making it increasingly a more popular and common snack today?

Zbiltong, What is it?

July 12 2021
Welcome to Zbiltong. Welcome to the Zbiltong blog.Like any business and definitely when it's food...

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