Monthly Subscription

Monthly Subscription
Monthly Subscription
Don't miss out on a regular biltong dig in, with your custom choice subscription delivered to you...
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Don't miss out on a regular biltong dig in, with your custom choice subscription delivered to your doorstep monthly, without the need to put in your monthly order. It's a simple 3 step process:
1) Make your biltong selections below
2) Fill in your delivery and credit card information
3) Wait, receive and enjoy
Your monthly biltong subscriptions will include 1 x 8oz bag and 1 x 3.25oz bag of your choice. Additionally, look forward to a complimentary 1oz taster pack in your first subscription box, and additionally a couple times a year. The taster pack will either be a current favorite, or an opportunity to be the first to try one of our newest products, thereby making you a member of the Zbiltong taste team!
A $33.00 value is a standard $31.35 per month, a 5% savings for your mo they subscription, plus a flat rate shipping fee of $4.95. Billed monthly on the day of your subscription, and shipped on the first of the following month, or as close to the first as possible. 

Certified Kosher by HKA and MKT.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jordan Silvestri

My wife and I are really enjoying - wondering about the $5 delivery fee. I know that our package is being hand delivered. Just want to make sure the person dropping it off is getting that shipping/delivery fee.

Tracie B
Fantastic quality!

Absolutely delicious. Huge portions! Thank you so much

Bryce Orgis

It always brings joy to our shabbos table.

Tirtsah Orgis
A must for every Shabbos table!

ZBiltong has become a staple on our Shabbos table every week. Guests love it also! You might need to hide it if you would like some for later. The small 1oz. bags are perfect for traveling with! My family loves all the flavors. Thanks Rabbi Zally for making our Shabbos table even more special. 💖

Yosef L.
Timely and delicious

Each month just as I start to crave more biltong, our package arrives.

Delicious and kosher biltong is no small thing!

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