Zbiltong, What is it?

Welcome to Zbiltong. Welcome to the Zbiltong blog.

Like any business and definitely when it's food related, blogs are a way to share what makes a company or the products they make, not just good or great, but exceptional! And why you should try it now! That's what brings us here now, and then some. So let's get started:

Generally, you can expect to be reading and discovering in any one of three main areas of interest, that we will try to cover in a typical Zbiltong blog post.

For some, biltong itself needs some description and explanation, what it is, why should I try it and what's the big fuss about. Most of the good old "biltong vs jerky squabble" finds itself in this category, where we'll do our best to how you why biltong is the better option. Of course we are kidding, it's not about which one is better, it's about showing how they are very very different from each other. We'll also be including a 'Biltong Explained' series, where we will define the terms, the products, the cuts, and any other words thrown around when talking biltong.

Second. Zbiltong is Kosher. Kosher ingredients and Kosher certified! You can tune in here to find out what all this means and, what's the difference between kosher biltong and non-kosher biltong. From the inception of Zbiltong, being Kosher certified was always priority number one, and now that we reached it, we want to share more on the journey it took to get here. This could be 'Kosher 101' for those interested, but also what are any of the challenges that arise when it comes to Kosher biltong specifically.

And last, but not least, what makes Zbiltong unique! Whether its having Kosher chili bites, the variety in flavors and sizes, any new products that will be launched, or anything else, we want Zbiltong to be your biltong source for all occasions. We each have our own unique reason for biltong being our go to snack, we hope to be able to fit them all (or at least most!).


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What are the different types of biltong?

Biltong Explained

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